Monday, November 26, 2012

32 foot proa

Paul is having fun designing a 32 foot offshore proa with long time proapist Russell Brown. It is designed for ease of construction using mostly plywood and constant camber foam cored panels (shown in green).  See the attached pics of the preliminary design:


  1. wow cool!

    This looks like the kind of boat that could be cozy inside without making the crew feel like they were a letter in an envelope: you did a great job maximizing the internal volume. Can you give out any specifics as to headroom, maximum width of the vaka?

    Also, I'm curious about the mast placement...why you've opted to put it inboard and how you were able to do away with the truss box step arrangement? Do I correctly see the jib is stayed to the lee side of the vaka?

    I like this boat. Would it do any harm to give that vaka a little sweep to the sheerline? If you make it echo that pretty curve you gave the ama it would transform the boat's looks completely.