Sunday, December 1, 2013

32' Proa Parts Lofted

It took a while but we have found time to carefully work through the lofting of the new proa.  The picture above shows the 3D solid model of the lofted boat. This includes details such as puzzle jointed butt joints between parts (rather than scarffs) and tabs on the frames with matching slots in the hull shells to help make the boat self-jigging.  The following image shows the nested parts:

The total nested materials are: (15) sheets 6mm ply, (11) sheets 9mm ply, (10) sheets 1/2" 80kg/cubic m cross-linked PVC foam, (2) sheets 1/4" foam, (1) sheet 1" foam, mdf sheets for mold frames and some carbon cplate.

The appendages (daggerboard and rudders) have also been engineered and partially lofted.  Now we are on to producing the construction drawings for the boat!


  1. Awesome to see you moving the ball on this. Ground game is the most important thing to getting this done.
    Bill in Ottawa

  2. Nice to see forward progress on this gorgeous, practical, and seaworthy boat. Keep it up!

  3. Awesome design. If only there was a 48 ft. version with 2 double berths and a 4 person cockpit.

  4. Any way to find prices for plans or build kit?